move + awaken 

FREEDOM FLOW (75 min)  This flowing style of practice connects conscious breath with mindful movement. The pace of the class will vary depending on the teacher and may include advanced asana’s and inversions or more simply, holding postures while maintaining a focus on alignment, structure and breath. The early morning classes typically begin or end with meditation and pranayama and will move through a warm up and into a dynamic practice, designed to build heat, flexibility, balance and strength. All levels.

DYNAMIC FLOW (45 min) This lunchtime class is specifically designed to combat midday fatigue, boost vitality and awaken the sleepy nervous system. Expect invigorating sun salutations and active poses that stimulate the blood flow through the body. Shift lethargy, build strength and bring lightness and balance so you can move through the rest of your day feeling vibrant and energised. Prior yoga experience recommended.

ADVANCED ASANA (75 min)  A dynamic and playful class designed to explore more advanced asanas. You will be guided through a series of opening postures transitioning into more challenging poses in a workshop-style setting. A class packed with various poses and detailed alignment instruction to help improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Prior yoga experience required.

ADVANCED FLOW (75 min)  An opportunity to explore and implement the techniques from your Friday morning practice. Advanced flow is a dynamic class designed to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, expect bird poses, inversions and more. Prior yoga experience required.

ADULT BALLET (75 min)  This class is for those who would like to follow their childhood dream and learn this beautiful art form. Classes will focus on technique, self expression and having fun! Starting with the foundations and positions of ballet, you will gradually learn more challenging and beautiful exercises at the barre and in the centre. So, if you feel the urge to move, release a little stress, or your six year old self is busting to put on ballet shoes, come and join us at the barre! All levels.

DANCE IS MEDICINE (60 min)  Dance is as old as humanity. Our bodies, our hearts, our spirits, our FEET are wired to do it! Alceme offers a fun, safe space for self-expression. Dance is Medicine is an embodied movement hour to express the untamed, unapologetic nature of YOUR dance. Dance Medicine - To BE danced by our heart. Our spirit. The music. The tribe. Come and dance your week alive. 

YOGA BEATS (75 min) A fusion of music and movement as you flow through a Vinyasa class set to live music! Expect anything from soft acoustic vocals, Tibetan sound bowls, gongs and cello players to Kirtan groups and DJ’s. A great way to transition from the week into the weekend. Rotating teachers and musicians. All levels. **not on our regular timetable, this is a special event



Relax + Restore

BEGINNERS (60 min) A gentle introduction to the practice of yoga, this class focusses on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses. An ideal class if you are new to yoga, pregnant, have injuries or are just looking to get back to basics. 

YINYASA (60 min) This beautiful fusion of Yin yoga and Vinyasa yoga, begins with several Yin poses which open the body and engage the connective tissue in preparation for the strength and foundation of the vinyasa class to follow. Surrendering into the poses early on encourages the body to find activation and deepening in each pose, which also enables the mind to anchor into the practice and find deep release as you both move and let go. All levels.

GENTLE FLOW (75 min) This class is for those seeking a slower paced, gentle practice. Gently flow through sun salutations and postures as you tune in and connect to your body through movement and breath, while consciously listening and feeling into the body's needs. This is a nourishing and nurturing class, aimed to settle the body, mind and nervous system. All levels.

YIN YOGA (60 min)  Combining fascial release and stimulation of the meridian lines while tapping into the seasons and elements to cultivate balance and calming of the nervous system. Poses are held for 5-10mins and props are heavily used to enable us to relax as we find our edge in each pose. Unwind and sink into a state of deep restoration. Delish!

RESTORATIVE YOGA (75 min)  Restorative yoga provides a space for the body to let go of deep holding patterns that cause muscle and joint pain as well as physical and mental tension. Postures emulate the forms of more active poses such as back bends, forward bends, twists and inversion and with the support of blankets, blocks and bolsters both body and mind come into a a state of deep relaxation and centredness. Beneficial for recoveries from injury, illness, surgery, headaches, insomnia, respiratory and digestive disorders, menopause, and emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. All levels.

YOGA NIDRA (60 min) Yoga Nidra is sometimes described as “the dessert cart” of Yoga, due to the blissful state it brings. A systematic form of guided meditative relaxation and healing, which invites a profound sense of tranquility and wholeness, promoting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Clinical studies have proven Yoga Nidra to be effective in assisting with stress, anxiety (including PTSD), sleep disorders, depression and negative moods. All levels.

MEDITATION AND PRANYAMA (45 / 60 min) If stress, anxiety, shortness of breath and feelings of overwhelm are a part of your daily life then join us on Wednesday mornings at 6.30am and start experiencing a change. Through conscious breathing (pranayama), deep relaxation and guided meditation techniques you will begin to discover a whole new range of inner potential and will start to see the benefits unfolding in your daily life. These vital practices will aid in cultivating calm, increasing focus, decreasing fatigue, boosting immunity and cleansing digestive function as well as many other benefits. Guided by our teacher Alanna Jane, you will leave these classes feeling grounded, vibrant and equipped to ride the waves of day to day life, effortlessly. If you can't make any other class, ensure you make this one. Everything starts with your breath. All levels.

MUKULU'S SOUND JOURNEY (60 min) Mukulu’s Sound Journey aligns you to the healing gateway that is available. So often in our modern world we take for granted the opportunities for change, transformation and healing that the Moon and stars line up for us. Journey through all the phases of the moon and notice how connecting within changes depending on where she is in her cycle and where you are personally. When we relax and make space to listen within that is where miracles can occur. Not the grandiose miracles, the miracle of surrendering thoughts and feelings just for a moment so you can experience your own innate inner divinity and expansive nature.